Rush Bios




Rush Bios

Here is a little information about the band! Rush is a three-member band from Canada (hence the name Canada's Power Trio).

Geddy Lee (Gary Lee Weinrib)

(Born: 7/29/53) Geddy has a son: Julian, a daughter: Kyla Avril, and a Wife: Nancy Young... his long time girlfriend. They held a traditional Jewish wedding in 1976 and had a two-week honeymoon in Hawaii.

Polish parent's survivors of WWII concentration camp. After liberation they emigrated to Canada. Mother pronounces Gary in Yiddish accent, making the sound Geddy. Raised near Toronto (Willowdale)

He is often referred to as "the guy that sounds like a girl" because of his high-pitched singing voice in the earlier albums, which, in my opinion made the band what it was! His voice has somewhat mellowed out as the albums progress, and you can notice a difference if you listen to Rush and then listen to Test for Echo. Gedy plays the Bass Guitar and Synthesizers and he is the Vocals of the band.

Neil Peart

(Born: 9/12/52) Between the release of Test for Echo and 1998's live album Different Stages, Peart lost his daughter, Selena Taylor, to an auto accident, and 11-months later he lost his wife, Jackie, to cancer. Different Stages was dedicated to the two.

Neil is the heart and soul of the band, playing the Drums and Cymbals. His drumming style is unique and like no other and could only be Rush. Neil was added after their previous drummer John Rutsey left after the production of their first album Rush. Neil Peart is responsible for writing most of Rush's songs and is a very creative writer. Neil was added after their previous drummer John Rutsey left after the production of their first album Rush. Ironically, Neil Peart was in a band called Hush, before he joined Rush. Neil Peart writes most the lyrics of Rush's songs.

Alex Lifeson (Alex Zivojinovic)

(Born: 8/27/53) Alex has 2 sons: Justin and Adrian, and a wife: Charlene. He is of Yugoslavian heritage (Lifeson is the English translation of Zivojinovich). Yugoslavian parents, Immigrants to Canada. Alex was born in Fernie British Columbia. Raised in the suburb of Willowdale.

Alex is the third member of the trio that makes up Rush. Alex comes to life on the Electric and Acoustic Guitars and he also is a backing vocalist. Alex has written some books (not related to Rush) and he has opened a restaurant, The Orbit Room, 580 A College St. in Toronto, Canada. he has also produced a solo album, Victor.


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